Friday, March 26, 2010

Green Rice!!!!!!

got this recipe from Alexis Stewart's blog ( about two years ago, and i LOVE it and make it all the time. super easy-a white onion, some tomatillos, a bunch of scallions, a bunch of cilantro, some olive oil, some lime juice, bit of salt, and some jalapenos ( i used jarred-gasp-but if using fresh you use two with seeds and maybe three without. or however hot you want it to be).

mid-puree. i have to do it in batches in my mini prep, and try to add a little of everything at one time. the process was much easier before my blender burnt out.

all done. makes a ton and is super yummy. all you have to do is make some white rice (or use leftover take-out) and mix as much of the puree in as you want. it's also really good on chicken or fish.

the "official" cake came out and was not nearly as good as the test!!!!! it overflowed...

and is a bit browner than the last one. yikes!

while i had the limes (which usually go bad before i use them) i cut up a red onion and put them in lime juice. it blends after a day or so and mellows the onion a bit, and is really good (and handy) to toss on a salad or a sandwich.

also poached some chicken (and skimmed the "broth" to freeze-it was really flavorful, so i consulted my friend Erin and she agreed it was the same as making stock, so why not?).

I'm a bit, just a bit, worried about the cake.

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