Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perfect Day...

to work in the garden. on my way to my parents from running errands on the southwest side of town, i passed the new hotel going up by the ballpark. can't believe how much it changes the look of things...hope it means more conventions/business downtown.

then it was time to work in the garden (since Sunday was spent birthday partying)
daffodils are still coming up all over....constant planting fall after fall is really beginning to pay off.

the new pink-cupped ones are all doing well for the first year, and all have buds.

an orange-cupped daffodil in one of the sunny beds.

it seems the hawks aren't just snatching up rabbits-looks like a dove bit the bullet.

cleaned up these two beds, as well as the ones nearest the patio-tons of things appearing (i should have taken "before" pics so you could tell what a mess it was).

some white muscari further along then their blue and purple cousins

then i tackled the thorny mess of blackberry bushes.

cut out all of last year's fruiting canes (now dead), and cut back all of the new growth from last year to about 4' from the ground (berries form on last year's new growth). this makes them more manageable and concentrates the blooms, so you really miss very little fruit.

the tree guys came through and cut out very little, and thankfully avoided damaging anything (there are little twigs all over the yard, though).

we made out much better than some neighbors-these two cottonwoods came down, as well as the maple tree behind us. double bonus, as we won't have to deal with the "cotton" or the helicopters, and the cutting garden/berry patch is completely full sun again.

back in the shade garden, some of the alliums are coming up fast

more hellebore

peonies are coming up

i think this is the last blooms of the crocuses

tulips are getting buds

not sure which tulips these are, but the red streaks on the leaves make me wonder
the white star magnolia is ready to burst...should be open by Easter

a border of daffodils

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  1. Can't wait to see the magnolias in bloom.