Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Relaxation (or Spring Cleaning continued)

the best thing to me about cleaning, organizing, and polishing is the fact that it is mindless work. it gives me a mental break and (believe it or not) i find it extremely relaxing. like after a party when there are dirty glasses and a mess all over, my favorite part is to wash, dry, and put away all the glasses-i cannot relax and go to sleep unless i do. alright, i probably AM crazy. that being said, this was a great Wednesday night.

i have no idea how i let the silver get to this state, but it only took 20 minutes to clean it all up.

now I'm starting to relax.

made a filling salad for dinner-buttermilk dressing (i used 3 Tbs Greek yogurt, 3 Tbs mayo, about a Tbs rice wine vinegar, maybe a tsp pre-minced garlic, some pepper, and about 1/4-1/2 cup buttermilk-have about half leftover)

tossed the dressing with some leftover whole wheat penne and poached chicken, tossed on some fresh peas and the lime juice onion from the other day, and had it over a bunch of red lettuce. super good. oh, i drizzled a little over the lettuce, and also chopped up some of the first chives from the garden.

i had heard that Wright's Silver Cream worked well to get water spots off and shine up chrome, stainless steal, and i tried it while cleaning the bathroom (the shower curtain needs washed and then the spring cleaning in here is finis!).

tried it on the legs as well (that's my planter turned waste "basket"). it did work pretty well as far as spots went.

now I'm really getting relaxed.

oh, this is for Erin. the sunglasses collection. slimmed down to only 14 pairs (they are all two deep on the top two shelves, and the ones i wore today are missing. it's really not THAT many. there may be 3 more pairs in my car....)

then i tidied up the linen closet (all cleaning on this blog brought to you by Martha Stewart Clean cleaning products...and soft scrub)

put the daffodils i brought home yesterday in a pierced porcelain vase.

and then stole some forsythia (I've resorted to stealing since the rabbits "stole" my chance for forsythia at my parent's house this year) from the neighbors...but don't worry, Matt and Melissa won't mind.

now i am so relaxed i need to go to bed.


  1. Hum Wrights? We have really hard water and everything is spotty. May have to get some of that to try. Your inspirational. You make me actually want to clean. You can ask Mike thats a tall order. :)

  2. there is another wax called zynol or something...i'll look for it since all i can find is a car wax and i'm not sure if that's the one....