Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So LAST Night.....

i baked the practice cake for my nephews 1st birthday on Sunday. it was baked in a dome-shaped cake pan, but you can also use a glass or metal bowl. it's just a simple yellow cake. wrapped it up and stuck it in the fridge (this is to test if it still tastes good after refrigeration since, due to time constraints, i hope i can bake the cake on Friday and then decorate it on Sunday).

turned out pretty well.

tonight i finally got around to potting up the dahlias purchased thus far-gives them a little head start. this is the tuber of "peaches and cream"-there is a little start in the top center (sort of pinkish spike) and a second just to the right of it.

"peaches and cream" on the left, "sky angel" on the right-probably the most insipidly named things i will ever plant. love the looks of them, though.

"sky angel" tuber-the start on this one is the white "line" coming out of the right side.

potted in utilitarian pots saved from something planted last year.

then it was time to decorate the cake. yellow buttercream ingredients.

after adding the food coloring.

and the chocolate buttercream (I'm going through butter like crazy this week. I'm talking pounds and pounds!).

cut about an inch off the bottom to level it out, then sliced across again to fill with buttercream, then frosted all over.

a Monkey Head cake for the little Monkey!


  1. WOW. I don't have anything else to say...incredible cake. So, if I had money, not only would I hire you to come and style my home, I would also hire you to plan and execute my kids parties.

  2. Dynamite Matty! How'd you make the ears? You must really love that little monkey to make him a cake like that... twice!