Thursday, March 25, 2010

Success (sort of).....and some Easter decorating

Took the test cake to work today in an upside down plastic container (so i ate his ears). not the best way for a cake to travel.

he was pretty tasty, though. i will definitely use a different chocolate icing, as the chocolate buttercream was like fudge!

messy shot of the layers.

to take care of the travelling issues, i went straight to Martha. now I'll never have a problem again!

took the Easter stuff out yesterday after i was reminded that Easter is already next weekend! and tonight i sort of stuck everything around the Penthouse. i love the colors of the plastic (yikes) eggs from Target. and my little bunny dish.

bookshelves all decorated

one of two covered hen dishes (i know it's rather country, but i love these dishes and keep at least one out all year).

antiquish jadeite hen pulling a cart of eggs.

chocolate bunnies a la jadeite.

little white bunny

some blown out eggs i dyed last year, in a china basket.

found even more seeds at my parent's house on Tuesday...i wondered what happened to all the basil.

at last! all of the seeds are organized! the empty packets are in the green box so i can keep better track of what was planted and when.
best of all, i have my dining room table back! more of last years eggs in drabware egg cups. all this will look so much better once the dining room is painted.

and even better than THAT....clean sheet night! woot!

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