Sunday, April 18, 2010

24 Hours in the Life of Moi.

it was decided last night, around eleven o'clock (and after debating for a half an hour, getting off the phone, and a quick change of heart call back), that Horsewood and i would, indeed, drive out to New Haven for the Gun Show.
well, actually we went to the Tap Haus.

this is what people who have no business declaring things like "we'll just go for one" look like at eleven-thirty at night.

they serve BIG drinks at the Tap Haus. Horsewood got a really big Blue Moon...

....while i stuck to the regular, a really big PBR.

Mike finally got a really big drink after a really long shift.

James claims this was his first big beer, but by the look on his face, i think he must have had 5 or so already. needless to say it was a long night followed by a looooong morning trying to get out of the bed. however, i had things to do, starting with getting Erin's recipe for Thai chicken going in the crock pot...

chopped up an onion and put it on the bottom, then put 2.5 lbs of chicken (boneless/skinless) on top of that.

in a bowl i mixed one cup of salsa (hot), 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1 Tbs. soy sauce, 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger, and the juice of one lime (i think Erin said 2 Tbs.-yes, she did. it's in the recipe card at the corner of the previous pic). mixed it all up, poured it on top of everything in the pot, and put it on low for what ended up being about 9 hours (7-8 would have done it).
after that i talked to Horsewood, then Guy, then Horsewood, then a visit from Guy, then Horsewood again (we talked about losing weight, all the while i was dreaming of lots-o-rice and Thai chicken) then it was coming up on 5 o'clock. blerg!

hurried over to my parents where i actually did quite a bit in the garden (garden update tomorrow, cause I'm just too tired)

an old plane flew overhead

i was blocks away from home when Horsewood told me (yes, i was talking to her again) that Jake, Schilb, and the Browne-Freys were all at the Tap i turned around. the light all over was really pretty today. just look at that courthouse!

and that scaffolding!

you know you're getting to New Haven when you see the old red and white tanker storage thingies.

back at the Tap Haus. the usual suspects were all there. left around, well, I'm not sure. the eleven o'clock news was almost over when i got home.

today's flower load from the garden (lily-of-the-valley are blooming!)

and, at long last, the one thing i have been thinking about ALL DAY-Thai chicken over rice with cilantro (i forgot the crushed peanuts and Phil's lime wedge garnish). actually, i have also been thinking about some 65,000 USD homes available in picturesque mountain villages in Italy 30 minutes to the beach and 20 minutes to ski resorts that i started looking at online when Guy was over, too, but mostly just the Thai chicken. oh, and living in Paris. that's it. Thai chicken, cheap Italian homes, and the Faubourg St Germain.

but all i could REALLY think about was watching Part 1 of the Project Runway finale.

and i did all of this in 24 hours

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