Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baking Redemption

well, after last nights shot to the baking ego, i cleared my schedule so that i could have redemption....and make REAL macaroons (out of Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook-not going to list the directions as it is a bit involved and much easier to just read it-the recipe is on

as a rule, you should always be listening to Edith Piaf while doing anything "French". anything.

used a 1 1/2 " biscuit cutter to mark the silpat before piping

worked quite well

combining almond flour and confectioners sugar

beating egg whites, and adding granulated sugar one tsp. at a time

beat until medium-soft peaks form

this pic is as clear as my understanding of soft peaks. in hindsight (and after a discussion with Erin) i could have let them go a bit longer and stiffen up more.

no one said baking was pretty.

all piped out-the empty spaces are where i was afraid the circles were too close together.

a break while baking. very pretty.

first batch out, second batch in (someday i will have a full sized oven that can easily hold TWO baking sheets). time to make the Swiss meringue buttercream! THREE STICKS OF BUTTER!

whisking the egg whites and sugar over simmering water until the sugar is all melted and the mixture heats up to about 160 degrees

then switch to the heavy equipment and beat the hell out of those egg whites until stiff peaks form (but still wet)

adding the THREE STICKS OF BUTTER a tablespoon at a time. then added the vanilla and mixed on low to get rid of all the air bubbles. then you make little sandwiches out of two cookies with the buttercream in the center and hopefully it turns out like......

this. alright, it will turn out a little better (i wanted to get this posted, so just did a few really quick-i didn't let these set up in the fridge, so they were still runny-but pretty!). played it safe with these, just making vanilla flavored, but now that i know the process, watch out!

oh, and i had the BEST trashy lunch today-Buster platter and an Orange Julius. disgustingly good.


  1. please enjoy your next Buster in my honor. it is one of the few things i truly miss about fort wayne. burgers here are good, but all a little too high brow overall.