Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cleaning Out the Costume Closets and a Little Gardening

for quite some time the costume closets down at Arena needed a good sorting (or throwing) out. at long last Dave, Orene, and i tackled that task this afternoon, and actually had quite a few laughs.

holy hell-these were some of the costumes that weren't even in the damn closets! we like to give a good impression in our rehearsal hall....

two tables were brought in and quickly covered. very little was organized ahead of time-just "men's" and "women's".

almost all of the men's clothes were shoved into this one closet.

various costumes were hung on these racks (we had already moved the ones that had been shoved on, and under, the bottom rod)

now all of the men's costumes have a home, and you can ACTUALLY SEE what is there. i don't know why no one had come up with THAT idea before! (i also found a few choice pieces for myself...i mean, if i ever go to a really formal affair that requires a three piece corduroy suit)

women's closets-two pieces, shirts, and skirts on the left. informal/day dresses on the right. there is another closet of evening and "costume" costumes.

tables cleared. woot!

Dave and Orene are finishing up later this week, but we got a pretty good start today!

oh! and we also found the dress Jackie Kennedy wore on her visit to India. lovely. i still think i smell like dusty, musty clothes.

from there i headed over to do some "light" gardening

white iris blooming (and an allium i don't remember planting there)


pale pink columbines

this bed is done-no room for anything else (and may need to divide a few things by the end of the season). now for the others.....

the buds on the tree peony just keep getting bigger

i think i brought home about 4 1/2 dozen stems of lily-of-the-valley. and you wouldn't even know i picked any!

the white trillium blooming

the lone fritillaria meleagris

those mystery bulbs in the shade bed look to most certainly be some sort of allium-i just don't know what....

a Japanese painted fern

an allium bursting open

the vegetable garden as of Tuesday

the lavender is looking really healthy, and the sweet peas are all up and climbing along the fence

sage, parsley, lots-o-oregano, and shelling peas along the fence

more sweet peas, lots-o-chives, thyme, and the mesclun looking quite nice. all of the first planting of dill is up, too!

radishes, lemon balm, shelling and snap peas

snap peas are tall enough to start grabbing the chicken wire with their little tendrils

i weeded and mulched the berry bushes. these are the old blackberries

these are the spreading, two year old "Fall Gold" raspberries (i think i may have called them "autumn gold" in an earlier post. they aren't that) spreading all over the place.

a cool tulip blooming in the bed out front.

today's bring home bucket

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