Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day Off This and That

last night i dug into the bucket-o-flowers from Sunday and made all of these for the Penthouse (which i may begin to call "the Crumbling Palazzo").

remember to always keep daffodils separate from other blooms as they have a toxic "juice" that speeds up the fading of other flowers.

made a super tasty cucumber sandwich for lunch (although i noticed for the first time that i had bought the wrong kind of rye bread). on the left is the compost container i keep in the fridge (keeps it from getting stinky since i cannot dispose of it everyday).
after that i went for a visit with my sis and nephew.

we went outside to play on the slide, but Jr. is not a fan of bare feet on grass, so he stopped himself every time so as not to touch it.

so we laughed at Hobbes, instead. he's pretty funny.

watching him run after sticks is hilarious (at least if you're one, otherwise it's just funny).

Jr. is getting an early taste for the finer things-like the Louis Vuitton cigarette turned camera case.

then i told him how much Louis Vuitton cigarette turned camera cases cost. he agreed that the prices were upsetting.

it's much cheaper to chew on books. well, unless they are first editions.

then Buster Brown from Kitty Town (or ksch ksch, as Jr. calls her) got a phone call. i think Jr. was also making a joke -"Hey Buster, is this your ass or your face? i can't tell!"

telling jokes makes him hungry.

from there it was time to do a little yard work. daffodil season is officially coming to an end-this is what i dead headed today.

there are still several plantings of late bloomers, though.

all of these little guys (the ones with the jagged leaves, the rest are weeds) are off shoots of the "Autumn Gold" raspberry that fruited for the first time last year. i need to make some order out of these berry bushes.

the blackberries are doing pretty well.

stargazer lilies coming up (Lilium "Stargazer")

bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis)

some red snapdragons (Antirrhinum) made it through the winter

as the daffodils and tulips start to fade-the alliums start to bud

chartreuse flower on the little trillium

an early, dwarf bearded iris

the curly willow continues to grow roots and leaf out, and the orchids continue to look good-orchids are a real bang for your buck. i brought these home the Saturday before Easter!

i also went down to Arena tonight and cleaned up the flower beds and weeded out at least 1,000 maple saplings. well, maybe about 200. 100? would you believe 100? anyway, it was a LOT. forgot to take my camera, though.


  1. Where can you get curly willow, Matty? So you need to cut back the daffodils huh? Wish you had started this sight 5 years ago when we bought this house.

  2. you can usually find curly willow at most nurseries, but i think it is cheaper to get from a florist and then cut it up and root it in water (i even save the ends that were trimmed off when the arrangement was made and rooted them!)
    you don't HAVE to deadhead the daffodils, but it helps stop them from making a seed pod and sends those nutrients to the bulb (and helps the bulbs to multiply).
    i'll try to make up for the past five years as quickly as i can.

  3. Your doing an awesome job!