Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Birthday.....So Far

as many know, I'm not a fan of celebrating my birthday. it's not an age thing ( i wish i were older), i just dislike it for some unknown reason. that said, today has been wonderful, and may be forcing me to reconsider.

first thing this morning, my mom gave me the label maker i have been wishing for for at least five years. woot!

then my lil punk rock nephew came in to surprise me.

and bring me a card.

he has such wonderful penmanship for 13 months.

the surprise of all surprises was when my long lost friend since kindergarten, Tara, came in with two of three kiddos in tow, and brought me these gorgeous lilacs that i am now carrying from room to room.

some German chocolate cake from Hall's Hollywood.

then Abs and Jen came in with a bag of goodies.

best gift bag in the world!

it was full of goodies!

my friend and co-worker Maria gave me a crazy card with a gift card for my living room paint (provided Home Depot ever gets Martha's new line up and out)

came home and stole batteries from all over the Penthouse to get the label maker up and running

first label!!!!!

cause sometimes you just forget what you need to cook pearl rice vs. arborio rice. also have clear labels. i may burn these two cartridges out in a couple of days.....

also made Guy a label, so people will know exactly what it is that he does.

now, to go out for a drink or not to go out for a drink. THAT is the question....


  1. Happy Birthday Matty. Hope you have a great night.
    Mike and Jeri

  2. Happy Birthday Matty!! Wish I was there to buy you a drink. Hoping to book a flight this week for July -- we must get together then. Still shaking my head over December. Ridiculous that I didn't see you. Have a good night!