Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Bulb Catalogs "Get You"

so in the mail box i found the Breck's catalog to order my daffodil bulbs now, to be delivered in the fall. i suppose this is a pretty good way to sucker me in to making a massive order (no money down!) and it worked last year....guess I'll just have to wait and see if the pink daffodils really turn pink.

far too many choices

this is the so far infamous "pink" collection

double daffodils-this collection has been ordered (see, they already got me)

and the first tulips of the year on my desk.

tomorrow is opening day of the Tincaps (still a hilariously disgusting name, look it up in the Urban Dictionary if you don't believe), which means $1 beer night and fun followed by a cheap beer hangover and hot face for Friday morning.

Let's go Tincaps!


  1. That pink looks more peach to me. We have a motley assortment of daffodils but no doubles, those are gorgeous. We put in orange tulips last year and they are beautiful next to the daffodils. I want to add copper next year.

  2. copper? i've not seen copper! i really need to do a count of daffodil varieties, as they have been my bulb "passion" for the past several years (mainly because they are about the most reliable thing you can plant). i'm hoping that by blogging i'll be able to keep better track on what is being planted and where, because i've always sucked at that.
    i also believe i still owe you some tarragon from a long ago talk at henry's....