Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Night and Tonight

Friday night after work i snatched up the Jeannette and headed to the Dash-In for the opening of Body Language:a Photo Collection by Willyum Photography.
i wish i would have taken a few pics of the photos. the show is great (and i would guess it is up for the month, so make sure to stop in for a look), and i can already imagine flipping through an issue of W and seeing a spread of his work.

Wills and Jeannette

nice night to sit outside and have a few drinks

today, fearing the coming wind and rain's destruction, i ran by the parent's to get a few pics of the white star magnolia. the heat has made it go from buds to full blown in two days.

then i cut about four dozen more daffodils (and you would never even know any were missing). this is the first of the doubles to open.

peach center

classic yellow

these are the first my mom planted 25+ years ago.

after that i ran home and then headed over to Jake and Horsewood's for some celebrating (Jake's birthday is Saturday) and some Shot Wheel crafting.

Horsewood had to help a few revelers get back on their bikes.

the beginning. ish. James did a great job with the woodworking and planning. i, however, did a horrible job remembering the glitter.

crafty porch party! (James is still mad about the glitter)

Harry wanted to lend a paw.

Jeannette working on her checkerboard triangle.

Morken with the work in progress.

remembered to bring home the mod ashtrays from HRH Queen Dede. they compliment the Penthouse perfectly. one on the Danish Modern record cabinet (moved to yet another location).

and the other on the twig table in the living room. thanks, Dede!

leftover flowers are the best, especially when they are orchids.

Tomorrow i need to decide what i'm making for Easter, as well as do some tidying up around the Penthouse before, perhaps, taking a trip out to New Haven for some Tap time. we'll see.....


  1. looks like a great weekend! The white rabbit with the ashtray is a fantastic image! your taste is exquisite!

  2. thanks, Marky! it takes an unerring eye.