Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy, Rainy Sunday

after a very long weekend (begun by a very late night of celebrating on Friday and an 8 a.m. workday on Saturday, which was then followed by ushering at Arena, Arnold Palmers at Guy's, and laaaaaate night porchtails at the Hartmans) i slept in until 1 o'clock today.

looking out the front windows-perfect day to be lazy.

even the tulips look a little gloomy.

however, i was a bit industrious. Friday night walking home from Henry's i "stole" some ginkgo saplings from under the mother trees along the newspaper's parking lot. they would have been weeded, so it was more of a rescue mission.

all potted up. I've always really admired the look of ginkgo trees-i just hope i can find a place to plant them (and hope they aren't the stinky female kind).

for now, though, they are living in the south facing Penthouse windows.

the Peruvian daffodil seems to be doing something-maybe just greening up a little.

Friday night's downfall began with bourbon and diets...

Dave, Doug, and Mindy were very encouraging.

i also had to keep up with Horsewood. now i know what i will look like bald.

Jacob pretty much thought we were hilarious.

now i need to pull myself together and head out to the Tap Haus for some recovery drinking, and to see what shape James is in after Little 5 weekend.
stay tuned.

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