Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Organizing and a Lot of Daffodils

After somehow awakening late with a hangover (i have no idea how that happened, but vaguely remember something about vodka and Stella), i made some coffee and became surprisingly productive. please note that it is not yet seven o'clock and i am already posting!

so i tackled the pile of magazines that have been multiplying on my desk.

it really wasn't that many

the "keep" pile-tear sheets of recipes and design ideas. maybe someday soon i should organize the "tear sheet drawer".

changed some flowers. these are some of the double daffodils from the garden

all new arrangement

the dahlias are doing pretty well (have four more to start tonight, hopefully)

on my way to my parents i stopped by my favorite house on Columbia Street where the always charming Clare and Eric live. they were having lunch on the porch with a little friend of theirs named Benny, and we walked around the front garden a bit. lovely. they already have quite a few tulips open, a lot of things coming up, and had planted three new trees-all well grown and quite Big (i won't give more of a clue as where they were purchased until i get a chance to look at the selection that's left).

then it was off to my parents

these tulips we planted last year, but made a mistake and planted them rather close to the old orange cupped narcissus, so they are a bit overshadowed.

these red doubles are doing better

some teeny daffodils we forgot we planted-either "sun disc" or "minnow". maybe?

the tulips in the cutting garden are ready to burst

a whole row full of energy

these we planted in the cutting garden last year, white with yellowish streaks

i think these are Queen Anne's double daffodil

first wave of muscari-picked quite a few to bring home. the wind today was just knocking daffodils over everywhere i looked.

another first year planting

so I'm not sure if this is what happened or not, but it looks to me that the pink cupped ones on the right may have hybridized with the yellow double on the left, to create that peachy double in the center. i need to do more research.

the next four photos are all the new ones from the "pink collection" planted last fall. they are decidedly NOT pink.

however, after re-reading the literature that came with them, i am assured that they begin in shades of peach and yellow and turn pink. we shall see.

another bumper crop of lily-of-the-valley is on the way!

so far the ONLY fritillaria meleagris that is coming up out of 30 planted!

worm's eye view.

mesclun popping up

radishes, radishes, and MORE radishes


and beets

oregano is about to take off


i can't wait to cut the hyacinths (or to see what color they are)

tons o chives

some thyme

chicken eye view

some of the hellebore flowers are now turning greenish

planted two peonies (the rest shared with my sister). "bowl of beauty"

and "Karl Rosenfield"

then one of the three dark purple "show winner" daylilies
(the other two went to sis)
played with good old Hobbes for a while at my sister's after discussing the best places to plant things.

such a pretty boy

came home with another bucket of flowers. with the tulips blooming, i am now guaranteed to have fresh flowers every week for the Penthouse until the fall.

now i just need to keep this pace up for the rest of the day....


  1. Wow. Impressed. All the flowers are gorgeous. And a post before 7am. Wha?! I'm the one with two little kids...why are you up that early? ;)

    I've slacked the last two weeks on getting fresh flowers for my studio/dining room. Gotta get on it. Tommorrow - I'll keep you posted on if it happens.

  2. haha-7 p.m. i was unavailable at 7 a.m. however, it leaves me bored at 12:30 when i would normally be posting. guess i could go to bed...