Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Garden Update

Spent the better part of the day in the garden at my parents.
much more weeding needs to be done.
the vegetable garden is coming along, everything has sprouted except the spinach (which was sort of up in the air as the seeds were quite old). I'll try to re-sow on Tuesday

all the hyacinths are white, save two that look to be pink


the sweet peas are poking up at last.

mesclun. already need to get busy weeding in here again.

the parsley i forgot to pick before coming home-all of the new parsley seeds have sprouted, as well.

this is what the rabbits left of the forsythia (both shrubs look about the same).

love grape hyacinths!
some wonderful, bright yellow double daffodils

more narcissus

the cutting garden is bursting

more muscari and tulips in the cutting garden

lovely yellow

peony rings are in place

most all of the tulips in the cutting garden are Darwin hybrids, which are much more "perennial" than some of the fancier tulips. i weeded all of that grass to the right of the tulips, by the way.

these little mini narcissus have the best fragrance

the tiniest narcissus in the garden

"pink" have at least turned a bit peachier than orange.

still wouldn't call them pink, though.

the hydrangea bed....needs weeded. this bed is, i think, the second spring for this bed.

the hydrangeas suffered last year from a late freeze, but this spring they are greening up quite nicely.

a little bit of everything shade loving-ferns, hostas, hydrangea, lily-of-the-valley, and, of course, daffodils

and violets!

a single trillium popping up in the big shade bed

coral bells, lady's mantle, peonies, white muscari, more lily-of-the-valley, and alliums

i should be able to pick from the bleeding heart by next weekend.

back out in the cutting garden/berry patch this is the golden autumn raspberry i have been babying for a few seasons-now i have four or five new shoots!

three nicely cleaned-up beds, and the Long Border that is still a mess. maybe Tuesday.

moved several daylilies from the "nursery"-an area in the cutting garden where we plant things we have no where else to plant at the moment-to one of the more troublesome beds where nothing seems to take. the nursery itself has become a mess-more on that in a later post.

another view of the big shade bed, with the potager (I'm trying to keep being Frenchy) beyond.

more of the squat tulips planted under the narcissus in the front of the house.

one of the first of the 100 bulb grab bag we planted last fall

a parrot tulip. maybe?

the Rembrandt tulips planted last year (which i wanted to cut, but the Penthouse only gets what won't be missed)

another rembrandt

this viburnum is by the front door, and outside what used to be my bedroom-it usually blooms around my birthday, so that little heatwave really has pushed things along. the smell is fantastic, and just a few little branches can fill a room.

abbondanza!!! yes, i cut a stem of the hellebore.


  1. The garden looks great! The flowers are beauts

  2. Do you feel that the peony rings are important? I have many peonies, but have never used the rings before. Thanks Matty. Garden looks beautiful.

  3. thanks, marko!
    jeri, i only think the rings are important aesthetically speaking-they keep the heavy blooms upright (even after rain) and off the ground (so they stay nicer for me to cut)! staking or not staking doesn't really affect the plant itself,that i know of.