Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Deck is Open!

therefore i have been drinking when i should have been blogging. sorry. i have been rather busy the past few days, though, and have taken a lot of pictures, so enjoy a rather haphazard post about what has been going on....

first Gerkey Leg of the 2010 Season (which is actually unofficial since i only recognize the summer Season beginning when the Queen opens Parliament. Jake was a day early. usurper.)

Horsewood, E.D., Chief (holding the ashes of Dick Martin's cat...don't ask) and Mr. Martin himself (with the sun in his eyes)

busiest Opening Day yet

T.J. and the Doctor

Socialite and It Girl J-Bro

Jen the Neighbor saddled up to the bar. i just noticed those new chairs.
it was a fun, and long, evening.

Tuesday was a morning of recovery followed by an afternoon of light gardening. i planted some cauliflower and picked some more mesclun and radishes.

the Mediterranean Bells are open

looking up from under the downward facing blooms

radishes right out of the ground

the blackberries have set their fruit.

looks to be another bumper crop!

peonies, peonies, peonies. looks like a powder puff


my favorites?

the peony in the back right of this photo has only had one flower open so far, a happy accident in choosing peonies with various blooming times.

looks like an old fashioned cabbage rose

hard to see, but the skinny grass like spikes are all lavender flowers about to bloom.

an Oriental Lily budded out

second blooming for the clematis-i think it looks darker this time.

roses are blooming. this is the "Chicago Peace" rose that needs moved.

the coral pink floribunda out front

pretty yellow (don't have the name)

this is a climbing rose that was supposed to grow on a fence we used to have in the outer corner of the front yard. it seemed to die every year for about 8 years-never really climbing or even growing much. we took out the fences, cut the rose to the ground, and forgot to take it out. the next year it took off.

and now this year it has two distinct colors, so my guess is that part of the rose reverted back to the root stock that the plant was originally grafted onto.

meanwhile, back at the SWELTERING Penthouse-the Meyer Lemon in blooming! smells amazing-even just this one little flower.

have also been bringing lots of flowers home. these are filling my bedroom with their spicy scent.

last week's desk flowers.

alliums and hostas in the dining room. the table sure does match the floor.

peonies, yellow drumstick allium, and lady's mantle in the living room

a rose is a rose is a rose

today's desktop flowers. more peonies and drumstick allium in a green pottery vase.


  1. i LOVE this one!! the deck and the flowers both!! well done!

  2. Um - this is weird. I left a comment here yesterday - or so I thought. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous and your gardens are stunning. Really. Martha would be proud.

    I need help - I am throwing an eco-chic baby shower and I would like to use grass - where can I buy long skinny grass flats? Do regular nurseries carry them? Online? Help!!

  3. i don't know if regular nurseries would have them, but a few of the greenhouses here will grow them (or have them growing) if they get a heads up. how long do you have? they mostly use wheat grass or cat grass (both have very wide blades and look great) are you using it for centerpieces? and if so, how large of a square do you need for each table?
    thanks, Horsewood. you helped make it all happen (well, the Deck part at least).

  4. I have four weeks. I want to do a runner of it on two 6 foot tables - doesn't have to be wide. I was thinking I could grow some but I dunno - I don't have a green thumb. Also trying to be cost effective, since it is an eco-friendly party and I'm spending a lot on food, etc. I'll just call around. Thanks!!

  5. the other great thing is that if they have it growing in flats, it can be cut and sort of pushed back together any way you want. and, it cuts really easy with any old knife, so you could make, maybe, a narrow runner (maybe 8"x48") that would leave plenty of room for plates, glasses, and elbow room.
    can't wait to see how the shower turns out. you better post some pics!