Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Update

after Sunday being so rainy, it was good to get in the garden for a few hours this afternoon.

the tree peony is blooming!

another bud unfurling. they are very beautiful, but very stinky.

this branching, yellow-flowered plant is a bit of a mystery, someone called it a buttercup, but i don't agree. however, i just searched "buttercup" and up popped a lot of links to ranunculus, which makes sense.

definitely in the ranunculus family.

the raised bed at the end of the patio is really filling in...the columbines look better than ever this year.

the "Peace" rose getting a few buds

as are the blackberries-the canes are full of buds

clematis (not sure of the name) already in bloom.

the fuzzy buds of poppies coming up

the "sandbox" bed continues to be a success. i had forgotten about all of the different types of hosta we planted in here last year-small starts from divided plants, and all new to the garden.

a bright, chartreuse green (may need to be moved, as I'm afraid it will soon overpower the space it has between the tree and the bleeding heart.

a tiny plant-just one leaf so far

kelly green

some little bright green edged leaves

the vegetable garden as of May 4, 2010. the herbs are taking over, and there will need to be a solution soon. was thinking about moving them all to the cutting garden...but then where do we move the cutting garden? the answer may be to just dig a narrow bed around the garden and start transplanting. the oregano alone would probably fill one entire side.

chives are just about ready to burst open, and the mesclun is looking great (i picked a small bag of the most tender leaves imaginable).

radishes, lemon balm, oregano, chives, and peas (and soon wax beans and carrots)

tarragon, oregano, mint, sage, and parsley-and peas along the fence. I'm saving most of this bed for tomatoes.

the blue blur in the center is the lone columbine that came from who knows where-notice all of the leaves have been stripped off at the base. not sure what critter it was, because if a rabbit had made it in i would have assumed that the mesclun and radish tops would have been at the top of the list. beets, spinach, and sweet peas are also coming up.

some variegated thyme in between two lavender plants that will find a new home this summer.

last year the sage bloomed for the first time ever...

and this year there are buds everywhere.

MINT! it needs to be a mojito-heavy summer.

the lemon balm-again, getting a bit too big for its spot.

i decided to plant rows of wax beans between the rows of radishes (since the radishes will be harvested before the beans get too big).

while i was digging i saw these guys popping up.

French breakfast radishes-they will get a little bigger, but they are a small radish, so i decided to pick these two and slice them thin to have with the mesclun.

a better look at the "Provencal" mesclun mix-with wayward dill interspersed among the rows (which i pick with the mesclun leaves as they taste great in salad)


a more mature dill plant-volunteering from last year-is coming up among the sweet peas. the helicopter battle has begun!

planted several rows of carrots-"Danvers half long"

teeny seeds

a little cilantro volunteer

another shot of the variegated thyme

and regular thyme
i made a little teepee out of some plant stakes, pushing the ends amid some of the dill seedlings and planted some pole beans at the base of each stake. i'm afraid the stakes may not be rough enough for the beans to climb easily, but i can always tie them up.

the little sugar snap peas keep on climbing

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