Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Old Geronimo 1994-2010

as most of you know, my family had a sad day today, though we had seen it coming for some time. it was time for good old Geronimo to go to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

just last year he was still coming out to garden, trotting around the backyard, interested in what we were up to, or just laying in the sun (and taking bites out of plant leaves). over the winter, though, it was harder for him to manage the steps, and he was not able to enjoy the outdoors as much.

just a little pup. we thought it looked like he had looked through some prank binoculars, leaving ink rings around his eyes.

both of us in younger days. he was our dog for half of my life-and for Holly since second grade!

we miss you, Geronimo!

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