Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peonies and Tomatoes and Herbs, Oh My!

driving around town yesterday, i noticed a lot of peonies already full blown after only a day of warmer than usual (or warmer than it has been, at least), and so i was worried about our peonies suffering the same fate-especially as we were due to hit the high 80's today. thankfully, they are opening slowly.

a bloom of a single type peony

pale pink double

i think their location in the shade bed helps keep them from blasting.

one of the peonies we planted this year has a little bud!

the ants sucking the sap. people used to think ants were necessary for the blooms to open, but really they just scramble around to get a drink.

about to burst

perhaps my shade theory is bogus, as these are the oldest peonies in the garden, and are in full sun in the cutting garden.

amazing. this one is also amazingly fragrant.

first rose of the season. i believe its name is "Snowfire"-a pretty old hybrid tea.


the bright yellow drumstick alliums-and a weed

very cheerful

these are a few of the Dutch irises that are left. no purple ones came up this year, but these yellow are wonderful.

a closer look

and another

now for part two of the new herb beds. the chive border has been edged out, now to remove the sod. sigh.

an hour or so later....complete! the tiller is up and running, which is fantastic-the work went much faster than last time. can't wait until next year when the new beds fill in a bit.

the rest of the oregano (at least the rest of the oregano that needed moved immediately) dug up and ready to go into the MUDDY bed.

then it was time to do some planting....and stop to take a few pics of the sage blooming.

love the busy bee!

once again Meijer pulled through with a wonderful array of heirloom and organic tomatoes (as well as other vegetables). we bought 8....and a cucumber plant.

a yellow tomato

Black Russian heirloom

an Old German heirloom

a green zebra amid the radishes (which will have been harvested by the time it gets too big)

a Striped German heirloom

and a Giant Belgium heirloom. there are two more that need to be planted. we decided not to dig another new bed for the tomatoes, as the ground was still so muddy it would have just made a mess, and we wanted to get them in today.

the finished herb beds. almost. still need to move some mint.

need to pick some mesclun tomorrow. the trench on the right is where most of the chives were (aside from the ones in the foreground that still need moved, as well as the few mixed at the back of the bed with the garlic.

the vegetable garden on May 23. yes, that is still two rows of oregano growing in the paths that need to be moved (or shared). the onions and leeks seem to be doing pretty well, as are most of the peas and all of the dill and newly sewn parsley.

now to really tackle the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch (now that the tiller is fired up) which may become the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch/Melon Patch/Squash Patch.

Stay tuned....

Oh! we also had a visit from the cutest garden helper

yep. he's just wearing a diaper.

Junior was very intent on learning the different parts of a flower

Master Gardener in the making.

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