Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time for a Change

even though it is only 55 degrees outside, i decided the time to put away the faux fur was long overdue.

so i switched it out with a super soft gray blanket.

much better. it's almost like a new sofa (plus, the blanket clings to the upholstery pretty well, so it doesn't move much at all). boy those walls need painted!

the dahlias are just dying to move out to the garden. look how tall that one is!

flowers from Sunday-chives blossoms, ranunculus, and hosta leaves.

allium, coral bells, columbine, and more hosta leaves in the living room.

the last tree peony bloom, a clematis blossom, and more ranunculus, chives, and leaves on my desk.

the weather had better be nice by Sunday or I'm going to go crazy. i have, however, cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, as well as reorganized my dresser and closet (since Tuesday was spent indoors rather than out).
now i need to search for what I'm going to replace all of my guilty pleasure t.v. shows with as they are all having their season finales.

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