Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Weekend

so the departure for Holden Beach is fast approaching, and i feel like i accomplished nothing over the weekend-but that is not really true. i have begun using or saving everything i can in my refrigerator-starting with the zucchini.

i read that you can store grated zucchini by freezing it. not sure how well it will work, but with 90 degree days you better believe I'm not baking anything. therefore i got out my trusty mandolin and went to town.

all shredded....

...and put into bags. each bag is approximately enough to make a double batch of zucchini bread.

saved these orchids from a wedding (they were found laying in a box in the warehouse, poor things).

this weekend at work was pretty busy. we set up two weddings where hot pink was the principle color.

one at the Classic Cafe.

and one at the Scottish Rite.

the bride had scrap book pages put on every table for guests to write on-cool idea.

a night off from the theatre, i went with Guy to the first annual Riverfest at IPFW. was actually more fun than i had expected. and Atz's Ice Cream was there with single dip waffle cones for $2! spent some time at the Deck (natch) afterward.

Sunday gardening began by battling the heat. cleaned up a few spots in the garden and prepped the bed for more mesclun and some loose leaf lettuce. only had the mesclun in when all hell broke loose and the storm hit.

hard to tell, but it was POURING!

hurried and planted the lettuce after the rain stopped, but am afraid the muddy dirt will crust over. tomorrow should be prefect, though-75 degrees and sunny. should be able to get a lot done.

after that it was time to head out to the Tap Haus for Joe Bailey's 21 (31) birthday party.

Syd and i striking the "holdin' my head up" pose Bailey did most of the night. (my head doesn't really have a dent in it that large. not sure what the camera was doing)

Bailey loves some Sydney hugs.

do they look related?

Guy looking sheepish while being molested by the birthday boy.

so, today i made some potato salad in an attempt to use up, well, potatoes, onion, and Greek yogurt.

steamed the potatoes and a few snap peas.

mixed with the yogurt, some Dijon mustard, red onion, salt, pepper, and lots of dill. ate it warm like this (it was too much "dressing")

added some hard boiled eggs and it's almost perfect.

did cut some sweet peas on Sunday (more pics of them in the garden to follow in a future post)

also moved the big arrangement of dried hydrangeas to the dining room, which is becoming more of a library.

decided to keep all of the chairs against the walls (except the one that has to remain until the paint supplies can be put away at last) and use the table as a sort of library table. this frees up my desk from the stacks of new books that seem to never cease in arriving.

this single bloom came from the garden...hope to bring home more all summer long.

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