Friday, June 25, 2010

Come See the Daylilies

last Tuesday, before the All Star game, i took a few pictures of the daylilies that are just starting to come into their glory. here's a little look.

these are in the North Border-and i cannot show you the rest of the border as it is horribly overgrown and needs a good sorting out. that will be a future post, i promise.

closeup of the mahogany colored lily

around back we have a few beds that are almost completely dedicated to these wonderfully carefree bloomers.

ruffled edges

very deep reddish-purplish-blackish bloom

another ruffled peach

so many interesting color combos

bright yellow

this bloom is about as wide across as my hand.

pretty purple

this plant, also, has a rather large bloom.

so pretty

i also had time to do a bit in the potager, despite the awful heat.

calendula are opening

dug up where the radishes were and planted lime and sweet basil

also pulled out the peas (the heat hasn't been nice to them) and weeded between the onions and leeks. threw in some sunflowers where the peas were, and cilantro and beans between the rows.

the herbs are again getting out of control. this is all lemon balm coming up from seed.

spearmint taking over the beats and cabbage.

the sage and peppermint are crowding the parsley and a tomato plant. am going to need to move them as soon as possible.

i know it's late, but out in the Cutting Garden i threw in some heirloom watermelons, cantaloupe, and honeydew. we'll see what happens.

the cucumber continues to go crazy.

almost ready to pick, with tons more coming.

more tomatoes coming-can't wait to see them when i get back from vacation!

the potager as of Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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