Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh Out of the Garden (mostly)

as i was minding my own beeswax this evening, it suddenly got windy....

the tornado siren went off...

and suddenly the lights went out-because it got dark really fast, not because of a power outage (though Sydney and James were not as lucky).

a mean sky, but mostly just high winds. the rain wasn't that heavy, and only a little thunder and lightning.

i decided to go clean up the random bags of produce in the refrigerator.

first batch of mesclun drying.

blurry pic of rinsing.

second batch drying. i need a salad spinner.

even organically grown garden produce leaves DIRTY water.

i always put some paper towel in the bottom of the bag to help absorb extra moisture.

two big bags ready to eat.

then i rinsed the blackberries.

ready to go-i may try and make some jam. or just eat them. i haven't picked any since Tuesday, and now I'm afraid the birds may have had a field day.

sugar snap peas

the last of the radishes.

sliced some up to throw on a salad or in some chicken salad.

when i went to put the mesclun in the crisper i found a bag with three ears of sweet corn i had forgotten about. the outer leaves were a bit scary, but i decided to freeze it anyway.

blanched for about 6 minutes

then put into ice water (with one of those cooler things so i wouldn't use ALL of my ice) for 6 minutes.

then sliced it right off the ear.

and tossed it into a bag. i tasted some, and it was perfect! this is a great way to save a little summer for the winter (though i know this will be gone quite soon).

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