Monday, June 14, 2010

The Garden on June 13, 2010

i didn't have a ton of time on Sunday, but managed to get in about two hours of work in the garden. still a lot to do, as always, and i hope Tuesday is rain free!

the new herb beds are doing well. the oregano looks a bit ragged, but will fill in better in the spring. the lemon balm is growing like it was never moved.

the cucumber plant is going crazy! so is the dill. the mesclun needs to be harvested and new seeds sown.

I'm not sure how cabbage grows, but the cabbage we planted seems to be growing tall and not forming a head. I'll keep my eyes on it.

Brussels sprouts are doing pretty good. all of the tomato plants are growing by leaps and bounds. i pulled all of the radishes, and my beans did not grow very well, so something new will get planted (hopefully tomorrow).

tarragon, cheddar cauliflower, tomatoes, and herbs.

the sweet peas really started to take off this week.

the very first sweet pea of the year! smells wonderful.


closer look at the cucumber (and the little cuke already forming)

for the past few years, the German chamomile Holly had planted three years ago had run rampant all over the garden. there isn't as much this year, but it is still popping up (but in mush more manageable numbers).

the little nasturtiums are up.

the tomato on the patio is huge!

the Long Border is filling in, but there is a lot to be removed and weeded.

looking the other way

this hydrangea looks great this year

iconic summer flower

the perennial sunflowers are beginning to bloom. they will all be moved to the back of the cutting garden.

the orange and yellow Asiatic lily

my mom had cleared a place to put in another dahlia. i dug the hole and then placed the stake. if you place the stake afterward, you could damage the tuber.

a healthy dahlia

with a healthy root system

all planted

i weeded this troublesome bed, and then planted zinnia and cosmos seeds. also left some of the Queen Anne's lace, since i do like it as a cut flower, but i always pull quite a bit out because it can take over very quickly.

a daylily getting ready to bloom.

some pink yarrow. and grass going to seed (I'll add that to the "need to weed" list).


i picked and ate all of the ripe ones immediately after taking the pictures.

ugh. this "decorative" grass is a problem. it started as a little clump we got from a friend, and has now taken over an entire end of this bed. i have no idea what to do with it or where to move it.

the long shade bed is looking lush, lush, lush.

hosta buds

a type of campanula blooming

the clematis terniflora, or "sweet autumn clematis" is climbing quickly over the swing trellis.

the Stella D'Oro daylily.

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