Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Green" Arrangements

Last weekend at work we did a graduation party with some very simple and fun centerpieces at the Autumn Ridge Golf Course clubhouse.

the folks at Young's Greenhouse grew three flats of grass for us.

lush and green, filling one of the large square centerpiece containers

the growing medium cuts so easy, you can slice the grass up in any size

we did some large and some smaller for the bar ("watering" the grass after it was in the container)

dozens of white gerbera daisies

all done. the daisies are in floral tubes that were then pushed right into the sod. a very nice use of Carroll High School's colors-royal blue and white.


  1. Although it was Orchard and not Autumn it looks similar to what we did for our reception. And you are right, super easy!!/photo.php?pid=4240643&id=591454907&fbid=216783689907

  2. if only the room were as bright as the Ridge was in your wedding photos. and if only they would have had such an elegant candy bar! ;)

  3. Quite true, the elegant candy bar was the hit of the evening!