Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Late Night Cleaning

so i have been slacking off lately. the weekly "quick polishing" of the copper had fallen by the wayside, and the pots i use the most were really beginning to suffer. not to mention a DIRTY kitchen floor, tons of crap piled up on the dining room table, clothes that needed put get the point. i blame the heat for all of this, as i cannot stand to even move when it is as hot as it has been (especially in the Penthouse). so Monday night, after a rainy day and a loooong nap, i awoke at about 10:30 to a cool breeze blowing in the front windows, and started to clean in a most compulsive way. it started with the pots....

ugh. how could i let it get to this point?

time to bust out the real cleaner-no lemon and kosher salt for this job.

after i had the pots down and cleaned, i realized i should clean the rack (and then the window, transom, and spice rack

and the s hooks

all done. then i had to wipe up some water i spilled on the floor, which led to scrubbing the floor. then it was 12:15, so i started washing all of the glass on the bookshelves in the dining room....

....which led to me deciding to see what the living room paint would look like in the dining room (on the trim above the green)

this little sample led to drips on the floor (which led to cleaning the dining room floor)

once that was over, i decided that i am definitely going to paint both rooms the same color. I'm afraid the green is going to make the room too small, and the same color in both rooms will help make both rooms seem more like one. or something. it was 2 in the morning and i wasn't thinking very clearly.

but i wasn't hot, either.

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