Monday, June 7, 2010

A Little Walk Around the Garden

with a very long and busy work day Sunday, i didn't have time to do any real gardening. i did have time to take a quick little tour, though.

the old shade bed full and lush

Lady's Mantle continues to bloom

the beets need weeded

about time to harvest all of this and sow more mesclun. this little square has supplied fresh salad for about three weeks now. does well as a cut and come again green.

this time the spinach germinated

the lavender looks wonderful

a bit like Provence

teeny basil seedlings

the cucumber plant is really taking off

the dill continues to stretch northward

after much coaxing, almost all of the sweet pea vines are climbing the chicken wire at last

radishes are going to seed-will probably pull them all by next weekend

more peas

an abondanza of peas

the potager on June 6, 2010

the oriental lilies are about to open

these perennial sunflowers in the center of the be need a new home. they are getting much too large.

white alliums

the blackberries are beginning to ripen

more lavender about to open

these sky blue drumstick alliums were some that we forgot we had planted


all of the hydrangeas are looking good

the newest addition has an enormous bloom

looks like it may be a great summer for hydrangeas


  1. correction that i just seems that the spelling is "abbondanza". however, i don't think i like the way that looks.