Monday, July 12, 2010

Glorious Sweet Peas

somehow, despite the heat, the sweet peas are thriving. often once the hot days of summer arrive, sweet peas (who love cooler temps) begin to fade. we always plant them on the shady side of the vegetable garden, however, and i think that must be help them live longer.

they are planted along the chicken wire fence, up which they scramble very quickly. on one side i have run more twine between taller garden stakes. i need to do the other side tomorrow, and next year we may need to rethink the sweet pea trellis all together-it hasn't been high enough the past few seasons.

the key to keep them blooming is to cut the flowers all the time, that way they don't set seed pods and the plant thinks it needs to keep producing.

these look a lot like the flowers on the gray sugar snap peas we already harvested.

delicate lavender veins-almost like a water color.

hot pink

already pulling the twine down-definitely need a different type of trellis next year.

pale purple

pastel pink

more hot pink


royal purplish blue

burgundy and purple

sky blue

looking forward to getting back in the garden tomorrow for the first time after getting back from vacation (i still need to sort the pics from Holden Beach, but i promise they are coming). so much to do, especially lots of weeding and watering. a few cherry tomatoes are ALMOST ripe, and there may be a few beets and cucumbers. may be time to make more tabouleh!

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