Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Latest Pics From The Garden

last Sunday i had to work, so all i really accomplished was a bit of weeding and picture taking....

the vegetable garden is growing, and growing, and growing....and being watered all the time (come on rain!).

first of the Green Zebras to be harvested.

Mammoth Dill-living up to it's name-this plant is almost 6 foot tall!

and this little guy was really enjoying it.


the hydrangea "limelight" is full of blooms

late planting of zinnias....

....and cosmos are all coming up.

we are letting a giant thistle grow in the cutting garden for the goldfinches-they love the thistle seed.

we also let some Queen Ann's Lace come back each year.

very interesting structure from beneath.

some early dahlias.

close up of a yarrow bloom

busy bee on a cosmos flower

bright orange cosmos

this is the north bed-one of the first new digging projects done years ago. it was once spaced nicely with tiger lilies and Black Eyed Susans, with a few cone flowers and bee balm thrown in. now, however, it is a mess that Must be addressed either this fall of in the spring. it actually looks quite pretty at the moment, though.

the Stargazers fill the patio with their fragrance.

closer look. if you are cutting the flowers to take indoors, it is important to always remove the stamens and pollen covered anthers to make the bloom last longer. this also protects your clothes, as the pollen can stain quite easily.

tons of "wild sunflowers"

the shade garden is a bit sad at the moment-the focus is now on foliage. lots of deadheading needs to be done to the hostas and lady's mantle.

this hydrangea is just gorgeous.

close up


today after work i went over to start planting all of the free plants from Mains. did quite a bit in an hour.

the Martha Washington geranium

I'm not big on decorative garden stuff, but this plant stand has been in the family for a long time, and i do like the simplicity of the design. potted the little pots with impatiens.

the rosemary continues to bask and thrive in the sun near the patio.

the citrus trees are doing awesome. tons of new growth. this is the lime tree.

and this is the Meyer lemon. the plants are really enjoying the summer outside AND Lowes has a ton of citrus saplings!!! the grove may begin to grow in number, as well as size.

planted four eggplant "Black Beauty" plants (one at top center), as well as two packs of Swiss chard "rainbow".

another eggplant-had to just put them in wherever there was room.

more heirlooms ripening.

the sweet peas are surviving the heat quite well. i had picked all of the blooms on Monday, and these are already replacing them two days later.

the other pack of Swiss chard tucked into the angle made by the basil.

all of the second crop of cilantro is coming up between the rows of leeks.

a closer look

the second sowing of mesclun on the left, and some loose leaf lettuce on the right.

not sure why the Brussels sprouts are growing in a short-tall-taller-tallest way.

still have lots to plant, as well as a reorganization of the blackberries, and a decision on what to do with the kiwi vines. it never ends, but in a very good way.

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  1. Wow. Your garden is so beautiful. I wish you could come plant one for me - heck - I wish I had a yard!