Friday, July 2, 2010


The day has arrived, and by this time tomorrow i will be enjoying a cocktail and the windy ocean view from our Holden Beach cottage. i always seem to over pack. since we have a washing machine, there is really no reason to take more than a couple of pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, and some p.j. pants and lots-o-t-shirts. i, however, always seem to take more than that.....

accessories really are the most important part of being at the beach-even when you are somewhere as low key as Holden Beach. J-Bro and i have lots of bandannas (and sometimes we get a little tipsy and put them all on at once).

different sunglasses for every day are de rigueur (there will be one more pair-the one i wear on the way). this year it is all Armani all the time. as a side note, Martha's plastic food storage containers are PERFECT for packing sunglasses, as well as other things you don't want to get crushed like toiletries (because who wants to get toothpaste squeezed all over the inside of their bag?).

nothing better than a soft sweater for cool nights! (see-i fit all of my clothes into my beach bag!)

it's hard to find good cheap bourbon in North I'm taking a bottle, as well as something to drink at breakfast.

my "carry on" gets checkbook, books, New Yorkers i need to catch up on, and that bio of the Queen Mum i am still reading. oh, and a new memory card for the camera. oh oh, and visine.

also glasses, contact solution, camera, wallet, ect.

all packed into three bags! the black bag is really only needed to carry the booze and a few odds and ends.

blogging will be at a minimum this week, so i hope you all enjoy the fourth and have a great three day weekend!!!!

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