Friday, July 2, 2010

Peter Rabbit, and Family.

just before leaving for North Carolina, i was over at my parents watering the vegetable garden and taking a look at the progress of the tomatoes....

Align Center getting bigger by the day

maybe some will be ripe by the time i get back!

under the thyme i found the rabbit nest right back where it was last year (i filled it in last summer after the bunnies were gone).

then i spied Peter Rabbit

i started to water and he and his siblings started to run all over the place.

hiding under some chives

about to dash under the gate.

this guy is hiding under the oregano. they eat the veggies and are a pest, but i guess they are kind of cute. there were three of them all together. i need to work on making the garden less easy to access for these rascals.

turns out, about five hours later as i was heading into the wilds of Ohio, my mom had a show down with a young red tail hawk. she saw it land, and went to scare it off while those bunnies were running and hiding. the mother rabbit actually came out and was leaping at the hawk, trying to scare it off. my mom said the hawk shot right over her head and swooped down and got one of the bunnies that had made it outside the fence. the next day they were all gone. guess it's the circle of life-and it seems a better ending than what my great aunt once told us to do when we found a nest of rabbits. she said "take them and drown them in a bucket of water or you'll never be rid of them." guess that's the difference between country folk and city folk.

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