Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plants and Flowers and Plants and Flowers.....

Two exciting things in one week.....and it's only Tuesday!

the first exciting thing happened Sunday when i went to Lowe's with my mum to see if they had any cheap perennials left. they didn't really, but they DID have the hardy kiwi vines i have been searching for ever since reading that Martha has them growing up the side of her house in Maine of all places. i mean really-kiwis in Maine?

well, it's true, and i am so excited to add them to the garden. we bought two-one male and one female (because the male has to pollinate the female to make....well, you know how it works). what i am not excited about is figuring out where the hell to plant them. i thought they could grow over an existing metal arbor, but it says they can grow up and out 15-20 feet! AND that they should be planted 20 feet apart! maybe i can grow them up the telephone pole....
anyway, the fruit is smaller than New Zealand kiwis and smooth skinned, so you can eat the whole thing. can't wait!

last night i hurried to get the flowers i had brought home into vases as, I'm sorry to say, last weeks take home lingered sadly it it's bucket of water.

sweet peas on my desk

the last of the garden phlox in the bathroom

the first little dahlias

my new green vase from Gram jam packed with Black Eyed Susan's for the living room

some wonderful Stargazer lilies for the living room as well.

as i was drinking some late morning coffee this morning, i noticed my friend Lisa's Facebook update announcing that Mains Nursery and Greenhouse in New Haven was having a FREE DAY!!!! almost instantly my phone rang with my sister giving me the same news. so off we went.

each customer could have whatever fit in a wagon for FREE! i got a bunch of creeping phlox, two kinds each of three different scented geraniums, to packs of Swiss chard, some eggplant plants, lots of impatiens and begonias for still empty planters, some hen and chicks, several pots of pincushion flower, a plain geranium, creeping baby's breath, and a second German statice plant.

Junior was all like "WOOOOT! UNCLE MATTY! WHAT A HAUL!"

all packed up.

took it all to the garden except for three of the scented geraniums. those i brought home for a bit.

i like the foliage almost better than the blooms. this one is "Red Happy Thoughts". ugh. what a name.

and this is "Indian Dunes"

and my fave is called "Vancouver Centennial".

what an awesome day. i promise an actual garden update this week!

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