Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock the Plaza and TRF Fireworks!....and some hangover food.

Saturday was jam packed. at work i set up the reception for my friends Angie and Dave (Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson!), then ran a few errands, took a nap, and met a bunch of old friends who are scattered about the globe but were all in town that night.

we all met at Rock the Plaza at the Downtown Library-always a great event.

Lindsey looking sweeter than she really is (just kidding, she's super sweet).

Carrie still looking like a California Girl despite having been in Hong Kong for a year (with one more year to go).

Lindsey and Erin-super excited that Erin is resettled in Indy. Much easier to visit!

catching up and having a few beers.


after a quick rain scare, the night was perfect.

Kev and Erin-former roommates and Toenges employees.

at about 9:45 i high tailed it over to the Gashouse to watch the TRF fireworks (on a Saturday this year) with the gang at the Deck. i made it just in time....

after fireworks, a bomb, more catching up with friends and quite few PBRs, it was time to head to Columbia Street with James and Syd and some Club Soda folk for some ungodly reason, but ended up having a pretty good time. i had to be up at 8:30 to take down the reception i had set up, so the 3:30 return home was a bit worrisome. in the end it was fine.

so i always hear people say they "were so hung over i just had to workout/run", which i always thought was a load of crap. however, i ended up doing a yoga routine after work and felt much better. i also made some pasta after yoga and felt completely better. perhaps working out wasn't so important after all.

pasta ingredients

sweating the onion and garlic

adding the last of the super delish tomatoes from North Carolina

and the olives and leftover chicken breast

pasta a wee bit undercooked so when you throw it into the hot pan it will absorb the sauce/flavors. also added some peperoncinis.

and lots of parsley from the garden and Parmesan from the grocery.
quick, easy, and good.

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