Friday, July 2, 2010

Saving Summer

I've been freezing a lot since i moved to the Penthouse and inherited an actual freezer, and I'm enjoying being able to save some of the things that come in and out of season so quickly. as long as i get as much air out of the freezer bags as possible, i never seem to have too much trouble with freezer burn.

it is so wonderful to have room for more than just a bag of ice.

two bags of blackberries i never would have been able to use up before they went bad.

the corn i blanched and cut from the cob-ready to toss into soup or salsa.

all the zucchini i saved (so far)

pineapple (for when there are two for one deals)

blueberries-cheap and at the peak of taste right now

blurry pic of cranberries from the winter-all still good and ready to be used in scones or a tart.

and the stock that i saved from poaching chicken-i froze it first in plastic containers, and then moved it to freezer bags. ready to use in soup or risotto.

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