Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Southern Comfort

another trip to Holden Beach, North Carolina has come and gone....and what a trip it was.

the foot path from our house ends right at the beach.

very tidy re plantings of the grasses that help protect the dunes from washing away (walking on the dunes is prohibited, though some neighbors ignored this rule in order to get "the perfect shot" for their family portraits. schmucks.

"our" stretch of the beach

dusk on the first day

Southern Comfort-our home away from home (for a week, at least)

many hours were spent in these rocking chairs on this porch.

day one-bar is stocked (nine of us went on the trip this year)

rekindling my love affair with bourbon. drink number one of the week-bourbon and ginger ale.

the main living area was one big space that took advantage of the views-much better layout than some that we've had in the past.

the kitchen was the best ever! a huge island, tons of dishes/pots/pans, and enough baking sheets that J-Bro and i could bake all the pizzas for pizza night on their own sheet! Bridget thought the place was great!!!

a nice big table, and windows that actually opened!

those darn pelicans are everywhere!

J-Bro and i quickly discovered how wonderful the top porch was for chatting and drinking after breakfast.

looking down towards Ocean Isle Beach, and beyond.

the top porch made a great view even better!

there is always something going on in the water.

late in the week a big storm blew in from the north, and blew right out to sea.

it started with some rumbles of thunder, then the sky started to get a little crazy looking. these are some of the houses across the street from us.

starting to get darker.

and then came the rain....

and more rain....

and wind. it was ridiculous how windy it was, with lightning and thunder crashing all around.

the horizon was blurred by all the rain.

can't see too far up the beach.

some folks didn't get their tents down in time, and the surf really battered the beach for a while.

then, just as fast as it arrived, the storm was gone. the marshes were replenished. there is something really exciting about a big storm at the beach.

i needed a drink to calm my nerves.

the tide is high. J-Bro and i went for a long walk down the beach and saw all sorts of fish and crabs and things in the tide pools the ocean made one evening.

Southern Comfort survived the storm.

more tide pools.

wonderful sunset.

more beach strolling. i think this was the evening after pizza night (the tradition of pizza night will be discussed in a future post).

last full day at the beach-we took care of the rest of the bourbon, tequila, and almost empty vodkas.

as well as another bottle of wine (there was only one left when we packed the cars Saturday morning).

now i just need to make the vacation feeling last as long as possible.....


  1. it was just what the doctor ordered! relax, relax, relax. i missed the garden, though. it changed so much in one week! i love your garden updates!