Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Begonias and Dinner

while looking quickly at Lowes the other day to see what they had left in the nursery, i ran across some rhizomatous begonias. I've always shied away from many houseplants, but these are so interesting to look at that i grabbed some (as well as a few other plants).

they didn't have tags, though, so i have no names. this one is tinged in red.

crappy closeup with the flash on.

this one is more green...

...but has red on the underside


hairy stems and leaves. some say they are hard to grow, but humidity seems to be the key-and the Penthouse has plenty of that. they bloom rarely, but maybe i can coax them along.

today's bucket-o-flowers

so i had the rest of the tomato salad i made the other day

threw it in a pan with some olive oil and garlic, cooked it down a bit

then tossed the slightly undercooked pasta in to absorb the juices

and tossed in some fresh basil and parsley

topped with feta...yum!

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