Friday, August 6, 2010

The Stowaway

last weekend i brought home the usual bunch of herbs from the garden and sort of forgot about them (except for the parsley which i NEVER forget about). then i noticed the blooms on the dill had gone to seed and dried, so as i was about to start taking them off, i noticed a Black Swallowtail caterpillar had come home with the dill and had been eating it all week.

i put him away in a plastic container (after punching holes in the lid) and went ahead saving the seeds.

dill seeds used to be given to children to chew on in church because it was thought to pacify them...but that was back in the olden days.

these will be used either for cooking, or saved for next years planting.

oh...and the little guy (i named this one Stripey III) made it back to the dill patch in one piece. and boy was he hungry.


  1. I took a picture of Stripey III's cousin from the big city on my parsley plant yesterday!

  2. awesome! i have completely lost sight of any of the Stripey's....i wonder if they are cacoons by now!