Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finis! (The Bulbs Are In the Ground-All 764 of Them)

give or take a dozen iris rhizomes. today was a perfect day to finish up the bulb planting....and what a great feeling it is to have this pleasurable, but still monumental, task complete. now all we can do is mulch and wait.

as always, discounted bulbs boost the count at the last minute.

these pale 'Sky Beauty' Dutch iris found a spot in the old Sandbox Bed near the tree. we also planted more white Allium Nigrum and small pinkish/fuschia Allium 'Ostrowskianum' in this high shade bed.

did very little clean up in the Vegetable Garden, that task will be worked on this week.

decided to see if the late planted free leeks were worth digging...

i bit scrawny, but I'll use them in something.

the Mint Patch just outside the garden fence is getting some bulbs as well-6 each of Triumph Tulip 'Don Quichotte" and Darwin Hybrid Tulip 'Banja Luka'.

either side of the path into the Vegetable Garden will have an edging of drumstick allium. a few clumps of daffodils also went in near the chives.

the oregano is spreading nicely. i found all of this new growth after cutting back the dead stems.

the garden bed in the southeast section of the garden received 15 multi flowering 'Orange Toronto' tulips, as well as 6 early blooming Fosteriana Tulip 'Concerto'.

there was still a layer of frost on this bed at 3 in the afternoon. looks like we finished up just in time for the ground to really freeze.

these will be a welcome sight early in the spring.

out front we planted 12 each of dark purple/black 'Queen of Night' and white with a thin purple painted edge 'Shirley' tulips.

four big patches of six bulbs.

the old copper bird bath never even thawed today. a sign of things to come?

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