Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Ready For the Bake Sale

This week at work (on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-5) we are having a bake sale to help our co-worker and friend Maria's family offset some travel costs to and from Saint Vincent's in Indianapolis, as well as hotel bills. I've stopped for the night, but still have tomorrow to finish up.
by the way-most of the cookies are from Martha Stewart's Cookies book, which you can find here.

coconut macaroons-i made plain and with chocolate chips.

packing them up.

cranberry cornmeal biscotti after first bake.

and after slicing and second bake.

made about four dozen leaf shaped spritz cookies, and may make some more tomorrow.

i think I've washed 5 sinks full of dishes today.

cakey chocolate chip cookies. ran out of chocolate, so used white chocolate for the remaining 11/4 cups.

cooling on the rack.

chewy molasses cookies. i baked about 1/3 tonight. the rest tomorrow.

starting to stack up.

broken and "seconds" to snack on.

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