Thursday, November 25, 2010

Houseplant Update....a Few Days Late

i swear next Wednesday I'll have the proper post up. been a bit busy the past few days-finished decorating the Theatre on Tuesday. went out with J-Bro, Chief, E.D., and Jamesy P. to see the holiday lights get lit last night (while getting lit ourselves, and we followed the fireworks with more holiday revelry at Guy's). and today it was Turkey Time. the tree is up...but ornaments still need to be hung. 
anyway, here is what has been going on as far as plants go.

two more amaryllis. these are sort of a pinky red, and are called Susan.

almost all of the amaryllis have buds now. this guy is farthest along.

looks like we'll get two buds from this bulb!

the older umbrella tree seems to be thriving in the northern light.

and the new umbrella tree has all kinds of new leaves appearing.

the paperwhites planted last Wednesday are already shooting skyward.

all these roots are beginning to anchor them to the river rocks.

so this is absolutely the last batch of plants coming in from the garden. i wasn't going to save these begonias, but i was leaving my parents the other day and they were huddled in the leaves beneath the rose bushes. i couldn't leave them!

all potted. i cut them back rather heavily, as well.

the fig tree got potted last week in another of my current favorite terracotta pots.

I'm beginning to think this may actually be a fig starting, rather than a new leaf!

the rosemary git it's haircut today, just to get the tips of the branches that are stretching.

I'll keep the trimmings in the fridge for now.

i found a couple of flower buds on the rosemary-I've never had rosemary bloom before.

the Christmas cactus...or Thanksgiving cactus, i guess...looks great.

such interesting blooms on such a common (and often overlooked) plant.

the big palms have moved again, this time to the bedroom, to make way for the Christmas tree.               stay tuned for pics of the tree....

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