Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Little Dresser of Bethlehem

on Sunday at my parent's, my mom agreed to let me take home the little Creche (alright, we've always called it a Nativity Scene, but i think Creche sounds more sophisticated) that my Grandpa Dudley bought my parents when they were married. being that Saturday was their anniversary, it seemed right that i take something away from them.

i used to rearrange these little figurines all the time when i was a kid, and was always upset that the donkey was laying down (which made it extremely awkward for the "Arrival in Bethlehem" scene that always took place just to the side of the stable).

Mary's nose is a little damaged (probably from falling off that donkey that didn't stand up). the set really is beautiful. the colors are somehow vibrantly muted. they all have "ITALY" stamped in the bases. I'm not saying that that makes them expensive, I'm just saying that they were made in Italy.

here comes the Shepherd. i don't think the two freestanding sheep were from this set, but somewhere over the decades they were adopted. and what's with that cow? i wish it would have been a camel.

more great details. i would have looked more freaked out if an angel had just announced the birth of Christ to me.

here come the Magi (alright, alright. we called them the Wise Men) Balthasar, Melchior, and Caspar. one of them broke part of their base-probably from tripping over that laying down cow that should have been a camel for the "Triumphant Arrival of the Magi" scene i could never really do because three guys walking up to the manger wasn't very triumphant.

the Wise Men like to pose in different ways.

all jokes aside, i love this little Nativity Scene-so detailed and beautiful- and came up with the idea to borrow it after moving the Dragon Palms into the bedroom (see-always thinking). adding the little cycad and a begonia and I'm sure it's pretty close to what Bethlehem was like.


  1. It is stunning...and I'm so glad that I was not the only child who played mercilessly with our nativity...though ours was probably some wood set my mom got from Avon...

  2. wait until next mom has a white "bisque" one from avon. MUCH more extensive (it has camels). this one was stored in an avon box...