Monday, November 22, 2010

A Sneak Peek at My Christmas Decorations

it may currently be 64 degrees and thunder storming, but like it or not, the holidays are upon us. i pretty much stick to the tradition of putting up the tree and decking the halls on Thanksgiving night, but this year i decided to take early inventory of things, and began bringing home the boxes from their storage space at my parent's, as well as digging things out at home.

glitter birds and a tinsel tree...what could be better?

some old and some new-all from Martha. (except the tree)

a few winter berries here...

a few winter berries there.

hey there, polar bear.

best find of the week-and it was in my parents garage! I've always wanted a butler ball (a mercury glass ball used in the 19th century servants to observe guests in the dining room without being obtrusive-and boy are my servants obtrusive!), but they usually cost $1,000 for a good one. a much better solution is a gazing ball for the garden that has been left in the box for two seasons in your parent's garage.

found a new mercury glass reindeer (left) to replace a broken one that went with the old little mercury glass reindeer (right).

so I've scoured the Penthouse, pulling out every silver, gold, or brass object i can find. the dining room is going to be decorated with these things, and glass, i think....

the first two bins!!!!

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