Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter is for the Birds

on Sunday we took a quick break from bulb planting to watch a little Tufted Titmouse swoop down on the feeder. standing still, and actually quite close, we suddenly had a whole variety of birds flitting here and there all around us. the big Red-bellied Woodpecker never showed up, but he was calling out from the neighbors tree. maybe next time...

a Downy Woodpecker pecking in the tree.

he's after the suet.

here they come!

the suet feeder is up all winter to help fatten these birds.

now the White-breasted Nuthatch makes his move.

high up in the tree is a little Black-capped Chickadee.

too cute!

made a quick trip to the feeder.

on the ground came a little black Junco. they come south with the snow, so you always know winter is coming when you spot them hopping around on the ground (which is how they like to feed, rarely going to the feeders).

another nuthatch.

they eat more than just suet. they are pretty fun to watch, as they cling to branches at all angles like a woodpecker.

the Mr. Titmouse proved a bit more difficult to photograph.

he's really quick.

a little blown out, but otherwise a better shot. what big eyes you have!

over in one of the neighbors trees i spotted an enormous squirrel nest. there are many the size of the lower one, but this one just seemed so big....i wonder if that says something about the winter to come?

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