Wednesday, December 22, 2010

But It's ONLY $2.00!!!!

you guessed it, there is a new plant. it was only $2. thanks, Lowes.

the tag called it a  Jester's Hat fern, but those have curly leaves. it may just be a Boston fern....who knows?

it came in a nice metal planter. original price.

see? how could anyone resist?

cut out the"bad" stuff....

and he's ready for Penthouse living!

also found this little Norfolk Island pine for $4.50. we'll see how he does. Norfolk Island pines aren't really pines at all, and are closer related to Monkey Puzzle Trees (which i love and wish i had room to grow).

have i ever mentioned the pans of water i keep in the greenhouse? they have a dual purpose-they raise the humidity in this dry, dry, apartment, and by letting the water set out for a day or two, the chlorine evaporates (i guess) and then the water is better for the African violets as well as the big dragon palm.

new growth on the Meyer Lemon!

and the new growth from last week on the lime has really spread out!

the amaryllis are showing off just in time for Christmas.


this guy is growing very weirdly. he never really followed the sun, and has been growing short and crooked since he began to bud. we'll have to see what happens.

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