Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at the Penthouse 2010

i really meant to post this yesterday, but have been running around like an elf with his head cut off and didn't have time to edit any photos. so now you will have a nice loooooong post to tide you over until Monday. every year i change things around a bit, and there are already some things in the works for NEXT Christmas, so really, stay tuned....

snow globes are the best invention EVER!


this garland has actually held up pretty well over the years. it was first bought to hang from my staircase (when i had a staircase), then it was in the kitchen, last year it was over the Dining Room windows, blah, blah, blah.

i forgot to put this in the Dining Room post.

yep, Martha Stewart Collection crocks. that's right.

love my jadeite Santa plate my little sister Holly gave me for Christmas years ago. Today also happens to be her birthday. Happy Birthday, Holly!

another little feather tree.

classic Christmas-green and red in the kitchen.

some old MSE Christmas tree plates.

a nice bowl of cinnamon scented pine cones.

a jingle bell wreath on the bathroom door.

and another on the bedroom door (this one should have been in the dining room, oh well).

i really love my bird tree-it's "ultra ultra".

a German style glass bird

more birds on some broken glittered branches salvaged from work.

a parrot?

a green dove??

seems only right to have a picture of my little reproduction of Fra Angelico's painting The Annunciation that hangs in the hallway.

who needs REAL Frenchies when you can have CHRISTMAS Frenchies? one of them is going to my nephew...maybe.


  1. You almost make me wish I wasn't such a Christmas Scroogerella!

  2. Beautiful Matt. Merry Christmas!