Monday, December 6, 2010

Dining Room Decorations

you may recall my post last week with the Sneak Peek of my Christmas decorations....well the dining room is, more or less, all decked out. take a look....

the gold and silver came together to make a sort of gilded woodland theme...i guess. the candlelight makes it look even better in person (those little gold votive holders are on sale at All Occasion, btw-get them before they are gone!)

one of two tiered silver serving pieces-i left them slightly tarnished so they would look a bit more gold. (this one came from my dear friend Whitney-is was full of goodies when she brought it to me several Christmases ago). lots of pine cones, nuts, and birds.

who doesn't love glittered birds?

i bought three of these rather large kugel (although i guess maybe it shouldn't be called a kugel because that word is German for ball....i think) ornaments a few years ago and didn't know how to use them. this year, however, i found the perfect place. i used leftover tree trimmings to cover the mechanics of attaching them to the sconces.

love the way it all came together.

the little faux feather tree is all decked out in woodland finery.

a little owl

a mini hedgehog

a glittery raccoon

and a nut stealing squirrel.

the mercury glass deer found a home on the table.

can you believe how fast the paperwhites have grown? they may be open by Saturday!


  1. oh! how splendid! i adore the woodland critters!!!

  2. wait until you see the nut cracker i found at my parent's!

  3. The mini hedgehog kills me - I love it so. Well done, Matty!

  4. well, more like "well done, Martha!" (that is the magic of Macy's)