Sunday, December 5, 2010

Git BRRRRR Done! (More Winter Prep in the Garden)

i guess i should pay closer attention to the weather, because i had no idea this snow was coming today. however, i was determined to get the boxwood and blueberries wrapped, as well as some sort of protection against rabbits for the little lilacs and forsythia. my burlapping project was not nearly as extensive as Martha's, but it was still a project that would have been much easier without the snow. all those mild days tricked me into thinking i had plenty of time to get this done.

the view out the Penthouse's windows was pretty....

but looked like my plans would be ruined.

the snow was getting worse as i headed to Mom and Dad's.

then things started to look up.

when i arrived, Zoey was staring quite attentively out the kitchen window.

because there were tons of little Juncos, Nuthatches, Sparrows, and Purple Finches all over the feeders and patio. this little Junco was getting seeds out of the cherry tomato planter.

thankfully the hawk soon arrived and scared them all away (so we wouldn't feel bad scaring them).

work begins. stakes were driven into the ground, and the snow was shaken off the leaves.

i found a pile of burlap bags in the garage, and they worked out perfectly for this project. the burlap will protect the boxwood from getting wind burn, as well as from branches breaking with the weight of the snow. these guys were all already turning a bit brown from exposure, poor things.

second bag attached. each boxwood used two bags.

all snug for the winter in their burlap teepees.

they look sort of like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.

next came the blueberries. this was both for wind protection (they are in one of the most exposed parts of the garden) and for protection from rabbits (they love to eat blueberries down to the ground when nothing else is available).

one bag did the trick for each of these bushes. wrapped and stapled to two bamboo stakes.

all done.

they also received a nice blanket of leaves we had been saving (inside the burlap).

next year when they are (hopefully) larger, i will make a larger windbreak all around them. this year, however, their individual wrappings will work.

the teeny super sale lilac got a little coat, as well as a blanket of leaves.

a sort of running stitch of wire attaches the burlap to the fencing.

more leaves and burlap for the kiwi vines (just to help them out a bit).

and chicken wire and fencing for the two forsythia (closest in pic), the older lilac, and the little lilac on the far end. this is another bed that will really begin taking shape next year, and all the protection here is really just against rabbits.

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