Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last of the Leeks

after several days of eating sandwiches for dinner (there were some plumbing issues at the Penthouse-the kitchen sink kept backing up, therefore i didn't want to cook since that would lead to washing dishes in the bathroom. problem was solved this afternoon-i think-when the maintenance guy pulled a drain guard out of the pipes) i pulled out the little leeks i dug from the garden last week, cleaned them up, and made a veggie dinner.

small but tasty!

leeks, onion, and garlic sauteing in olive oil (with some salt and pepper)

added quartered button mushrooms and a little of the pasta water.

then added the juice of one lemon after the spaghetti was tossed in the pan.

a little parm. a little asiago. a light little pasta dish.

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