Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maintenance, Planting, and Dreaming

The seed and plant catalogs have begun filling the mailbox, and i couldn't be more excited. however, there was a little work to do before i could really begin to dive in.

this Oskar amaryllis has finished with blooming round one, and is getting ready for round two.

i snipped off the spent blooms to hopefully encourage the next two to grow larger.

this Star of Holland only gave two buds....

so his stalk is cut right off. now he will be treated like any other houseplant for the next 9 months.

this silver variegated english holly was a holiday gift.

he was pretty dry and a little root bound.

if he makes it until spring, i think I'll plant him right in the garden. with a little extra protection in the winter, he should do alright in our zone 5 garden.

now for the catalogs.....

Heronswood Nursery has tons of plants that are hard to find all of these amazing hellebores.

as well as this Astilboides Tabularis. it grows leaves up to 2 feet across, and flower stems up to 5 feet with white, star shaped flowers. this guy may be perfect for the White Garden i hope to plant this year (they do great in the shade, and the White Garden will be primarily shade/part sun).

white currants in the Raintree Nursery catalog.

as well as inexpensive tree peonies. (sorry about the flash and blurry pic).

i also love these old fashioned looking climbing roses.

another thing on the list this year is making room for an asparagus patch, which i want to get working on as soon as possible, since they take at least a year to establish well enough to harvest. Gurney's has so many kinds to choose from!

every blueberry imaginable. we'll see how ours do before buying more.

they also have all other sorts of berries and fruits that could be manageable in our small garden-such as bush apricots, gooseberries, elderberries, and more to make some of this a reality.

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