Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ready, Set, Wrap

i have always been a Christmas Eve shopper. each and every year off i go around ten o'clock, crowds are minimal, everyone is bought for by noon (1 o'clock at the latest) and then home to start wrapping. this year, however, I've actually started early, and i must say it is rather nice. i still have a few thing to pick up, but i was able to get a jump on wrapping.

some Levi's and a Ralph Lauren oxford for Junior-only the best for this guy. I'm not going to show any more ACTUAL presents, i just figured this would be safe since, advanced as he is, Lil Chad isn't logging on to the Bon Savant yet.

I've run out of boxes, but am glad i always save them. i always have to put a tag on which belongs to whom as my short term memory blows.

this years gift wrap. one of the things i really miss about the demise of the Martha Stewart Everyday line at K-Mart is no more MSLO wrapping paper for the holidays. when this is gone, it's gone.

a holly pattern for my little sister Holly. dorky, i know.

a little secret-i really don't like wrapping gifts, and am quite sloppy at it.

you can always fold the paper to make it look even.


and you can always tie ribbons to hide any wrapping mistakes.

i found these little vintage looking Christmas ornaments by Katie Brown and though they would look good on the gifts.

i like it! (this is actually Holly's birthday present-since her birthday is so close to Christmas she always gets a bonus gift).

i don't remember who this is for or what it is. crap.

this is all i have done so far, but since i started shopping early, i still have TWO DAYS TO WRAP!!!! maybe not waiting until Christmas Eve does have some benefits.

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